The Building Blocks to a good Movie



Welcome back kiddies to another wonderful segment on my fantastic little blog right here.  This go around I wanted to talk about something I feel my more parental readers can relate too.  Hah who am I kidding that the people who read my crap have any kind of love life whatsoever.  But for the few random parents that click on google really hard and accidentally stumble over to my page, this is for you.

Now of course everyone in the history of ever has heard about those fantastic little toy blocks called Legos.  The beautifully innovative toys that let any kid fulfill whatever crazy fantasy they want by creating something majestic with their own wit and mental fortitude.  Well because people like money, the guys over at the Lego corporation decided to make a movie.  We weren’t entirely sure what the hell you could even do with something like that but the more excitable and risk taking of us out there all got together and said, “What the heck, let’s give it a try.”  And ohhh what a movie it was.

The Lego Movie, or TLM as the cool kids in the underground call it (no one actually calls it that) was an ambitious and creative little gem of cinema that was both heart-warming and inspirational.  Within moments it captured the attention of the audience with bright vivid colors and blaring whacky noises that just kept you smiling the entire way through. It was clever, engaging, insightful, and most of all, absolutely hilarious.  But besides all of that crap, the movie itself did one thing in particular that truly stood out from other movies, which is what I’m gonna talk about.  The Lego Movie above all else, was a beautifully written piece of work that did nothing but teach kids about personal aspects of life and how to feel good about yourself.

First off, I’m gonna talk about the entirety of the Lego Movie so if you haven’t seen it:

  1. What the hell is wrong with you?
  2. Seriously why haven’t you seen this thing do you have no soul?
  3. I don’t even know why I’m having this discussion really. . .
  4. Go out and see it before you carry on any further.

We start off the movie like millions of others with a main character who warms our hearts in a few seconds showing off the crazy animation, more than just chuckle-worthy jokes, and fantastic soundtrack blaring off in the background.  The big featured track from this movie by the way, titled, “Everything is Awesome,” was a collab between the musical stylings of Tegan and Sara and the hilarious SNL formed band The Lonely Island.  This song blasted throughout half the movie and made you laugh as much as it made you want to dance, it was that catchy.

After a bit more of dialogue, plot and whatever, we find out that some big bad guy named Lord Business wanted to take over the Lego world using some crazy device, cleverly dubbed as The Kragle, and the only way to stop him was for the Master Builders, just Lego characters who were good at building, to go off and look for The Special.  Everything was as vague as could be here and sounded like the mad delusions of a child creating some over the top action story with made up rules and characters.  And that’s because it was.  Yea go figure.

The movie leads into a live action scene, no CGI whatsoever, of a young boy playing with a large Lego model city, as he threw pieces back and forth scripting out his own fantastic story.  The entire thing was made up, and we find this out through halfway in the film blowing the 4th wall right out the ass.  This right here was absolutely the best thing about this movie.  The fact that right there we learn this entire story comes from real people, from this one child much like many of the kids sitting in that theater watching this right now, this put a whole new spin on the word relatable.  This wasn’t some fantastic made up story.  This was a kid at playtime, using his imagination and running wild with it, up until the point his dad comes in to set down some rules and stop the fun.  Regardless of where they took it next, every single person in the audience could understand clearly what it feels like to be here.  Everyone’s been a kid, everyone’s used their imagination to come up with crazy stories and ideas, some of us still do, and that’s exactly why we all perked up in our seats and paid attention like our lives depended on it.  Right now we are that kid, we know what he’s going through, being told not to play anymore, being given crummy rules without a way to really fight back.  We are so invested right now it hurts.

After that beautiful little process of getting sucked into a character, now it’s our time to shut up and learn, cus the movie drops hella truth bombs at this point.

The characters all collaborate together, standing by in support of The Special, or Emett as we’ve come to know him, and take on the all mighty Lord Business, who we find out the father of the kid playing with these toys in the real life was the inspiration for, which just adds a little touch more of symbolism and lovely metaphor.  Emett learns to excel at building he has to be himself, a few of the others learn to dig deep and let lose their passions, everyone seems to be out for the better, working hand in hand to stop the big bad guy.  HOWEVER. Shit hits the fan and they are pretty much screwed as Lord Business sends in some crazy murderbots to stop all of their good plans and just be a huge dick over all.  At this point we are rooting harder than ever before to see Emett stop the Death Star- I mean Kragle and save the day.

He has one final confrontation with Lord Business, all while the real boy talks to his real father, and shares with us one of the most touching scenes I have ever experienced in cinema in my entire life.  No seriously I mean it, this shit is fantastic.  Here go watch it I swear you’ll almost cry.

Yea just click on that link right there.  That’s your one way ticket to feels central, a non-stop express to an emotional and tearful breakdown.

In this scene (to all you losers that didn’t watch the link making me have to explain this shit) Emett reveals his secret weapon to Lord Business, taking the build up of everything that was talked about in the entire movie about the power of the special and some mystical force that would save them all but no one really knew what it looked like.  Here it finally was and it was gonna make everything right again.  But, it wasn’t really a weapon.  It wasn’t really anything at all.  Emett simply talks to Lord Business, and convinces him to stop. Now definitely that sounds like a terrible way to end a story, having the main character just talk the bad guy out of being a bad guy *COUGH NARUTO COUGH* but everything that Emett says hits home so hard.  The main character talks to Lord Business, he talks to us.  He talks straight to every single person in the theater, and every single person in the world.  You, are the special.  You, are the most talented, the most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe.  These words stop us dead in our tracks, gripping everyone in the theater.  He goes on, talking about your amazing work, your inspirational and unique ideas, your ability to become, The Special.  You are that kid playing with his Legos.  You made something amazing and spectacular and need to show it to the world, to be proud of what you’ve done and to have fun with it.  And I swear if you don’t have a tear in your eye somewhere at this point you are a soulless monster.

This moment was beautiful.  It was touching in so many ways, invigorating in both a self-confident and moral way.  This movie teaches us all that we are unique fantastic beings, every single one of us, with the ability to create absolutely anything as long as we can imagine it.  This movie teaches about the importance of play, to let your mind wander freely to create and destroy, to build and break down, to discover and to feel good about doing it.  It drives home the ideas of trying to fit in with society as we watch our main character desperately attempting to convince himself that he’s important, all while setting us up for this explosion of emotional clarity and the understanding that we can be whatever we want to be as long as we try.  I mean it when I say this ending was that good, it was fantastic and amazingly done, even with a special moment of the real boy and his father coming to terms with each other as they share a loving hug and finally see eye to eye.  I really mean it if you’re not doing something sad at this point you have no soul, you are an emotionless zombie.

These lessons, hammered in within the ending of this film, leave us all with feelings of pride, self-worth and even energy to chase after a dream you once had.  It is so important to feel good about yourself every single day, and that is exactly what this movie was trying to teach us, doing it through the use of little spikey blocks that snap together in a satisfying way.  Regardless of whether or not you thought it was a good movie, or if you thought it was funny enough or that the amazing voice acting done by an all-star cast wasn’t good enough for your fancy schmancy golden ears or something, this film is important.  It’s important for growth, especially for the growth of a child as it will teach them essential lessons on how to be happy and how to achieve great things with self-confidence.  I seriously would recommend seeing it with your kids if you have any, not just slapping it on the tv and letting them eat paint while they watch it as you go off to fuck around with your model cars (seriously who the hell am I describing).  I want you to honestly enjoy this movie with them because I know you will, and you will grow closer as a family because of it.  And hey even if you don’t have kids, you are still The Special, and deserve to be told so on the regular, so watch it anyway.

That was probably the most sappy I’ll ever really get on here but I felt like it needed to be done.  If any of you are still around and have any respect left for me and already did see the movie like I told you too, leave a comment on what you felt about it because I want to hear your opinion for some reason.  But seriously if you did not see this movie, go and do it right now it is so fucking funny and Liam Neeson is in it playing like a good cop bad cop guy that throws chairs all over it is goddam hilarious.  Anyway, peace out yall, and enjoy being The Special.

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