What’s in a Webcomic

Helloooooo everyone how yall doin *waits patiently for a response* that’s great I’m doing well myself.  This time around I wanted to try out something a bit different and throw a little list at you guys.  Now top 10 lists are big with people online because apparently putting numbers to things makes it interesting and I had always wanted to create some lists myself ranging from anything like cartoons to my favorite places to fart where you’re not looking, you’re not gonna get that one for a long time trust me.

With this out of the way, I wanted to not only put a funny spin on a view of mine, but also to plug some stuff that I feel deserves it, sharing with all of you beautiful people some of my favorite things over the years.  The first being a small list of my all-time favorite webcomics.

For those that don’t know, and those that for some reason can’t get it through the title, webcomics are a collection of comics that are produced online.  I guess you could say they’re comics. . . . on the web. . . *cough*  Much like any Saturday morning comics that you get from the paper they can have a continuous plot, running gags and constant characters, or they could just literally be about whatever the artist wants to say at the moment. They can be incredibly deep, or really shallow.  Absolutely filled to the brim with vibrant colors and designs, or completely made with stick figures and sketches.  The great thing about these is that they don’t have to follow a single law, and are almost entirely funded and supported by fans who love the artists and their work.

With all that said and done, here is a list of my top 10 all-time favorite webcomics.  These comics pulled me in quickly and refused to give me any shut eye until I finished every single page available.  Then I pined for hours waiting for the next update sometimes refreshing those pages like a maniac.  So anyway here they are.


  1. Monsterkind.

Starting off here is a cute one, with a positive message that’s sure to learn ya some stuff.  Monsterkind is the delightful story of a modern society with the ZANY twist that we cohabit with monsters.  Yea I know right, that is so weird.  Faked surprise aside, the world of monsterkind is a bit reminiscent of those not so friendly days in the 1940’s with quite a bit of prejudice labeled on the side of the monsters.

Our story follows a diverse cast of characters, each equipped with a ridiculous looking nose and the passion and drive to make the world a better place.  No seriously they all have crazy fucking noses. . . .oh you meant the drive and passion thing? Yea actually, we follow the main character Wallace who is a human social worker who was transferred to a monster neighborhood where he learns to understand and get along with this world of creatures he’s never known.  While there he meets social activists and generally great monsters fighting for equality and union between both species.  The clever art style and interesting characters create a really impressive setting that only benefits from the hilarious dialogue that eventually transforms into a more serious and dynamic plot.

If you enjoy creative stories with a bit more of a light-hearted zeal you will really get a kick out of monster-kind.


  1. String Theory.

I discovered this little gem not too long ago and it has already stabbed its way somewhere deep in my heart.  The premise is somewhat complicated with big science words thrown about that make my head hurt, they probably won’t for you peeps so it’s all good.

String theory’s main pull is the attention to detail that its author pours into every frame, really allowing for the reader to become immersed in the world that it tries to portray.  With strong dialogue and well detailed scenery, we get an incredibly well developed scene that even if you don’t understand such complex jargon you can still map out everything that the characters are going through, and understand exactly how they’re affected by the world around them.  The scenes are a treat to the eyes, somewhat engaging the reader in a quest to discover every little thing hidden inside the panels while you simultaneously get lost in the wonderful and surprisingly humorous conversations.  It’s a great read, with taking a little bit to really get into it as the art has a bit of a hill to climb in the early chapters.  But if you ever enjoy sci-fi and gothic imagery this is surely a good read for you.


  1. Raven’s Dojo

Now we’re getting into the truly chaotic.  This little gem right here is most certainly not for everyone featuring a large amount of gore, violence, and sexual theming.  The biggest draw however if you can manage getting past all the fucking weird stuff, is the insanely funny characters.  This comic that comprises of a small hyperactive pervert dinosaur and some incredibly violent yet somehow loveable dog-cat thing manages to crap out funny jokes as fast as they make everything really uncomfortable.  If you’re a fan of brutal action films, humor like south park and family guy, or have ever seen a movie starring Sacha Baron Cohen, this thing is right up your ally.


  1. Let’s Speak English

Heading back to the more adorable side of the internet, we have Let’s Speak English, a cute story about a young English teacher who recently moved to Japan as we follow her day to day life and all the cute little adventures that it brings.  The art is simply fantastic depicting the main characters students and fellow teachers all with happy wide-eyed smiles and an amazing curiosity for everything associated with America and their strange new English teacher.  If you’re a fan of Japanese culture then you’ll absolutely lord over this as it pulls so much of its humor from Japanese stereotypes and simply adorable dialogue between the children she teaches.  At the end of the day, this comic makes me really consider moving to Japan, simply so I can hear elementary school kids shout whatever English phrases they think they know in the cutest manner possible.  All of you bad people out there that immediately assumed the worst can go to hell.  All of you that don’t get the joke can keep reading and forget this ever happened.

  1. Skull Kickers

Plain and simple. Skull kickers is awesome.  Its awesome and if you’ve ever played DnD and been the warrior that’s like, “I CAN TAKE ON THIS HORDE OF ENEMIES,” and the dungeon master is like, “No don’t do it you’ll die,” and then you’re like, “DOING IT ANYWAY,” and you attack them with like a +1 stick or something.  Yea, you’ll love this.

Okay I guess I actually have to explain this or something cus that word vomit wasn’t “good enough,” for you wimps out there.  Skull Kickers is the apex of fantasy action absolutely filled to the brim with incredible visuals and fight scenes coupled with the zany characters that go on murdering sprees (only killing the bad guys though) while pitching hilarious one-liners as much as they physically can.  This stuff is what dreams are made of, and in all honesty if you DOOOO play DnD it might give you a great idea on what kind campaign to set up next time.

  1. Whomp!

What a great comic to transition too.  With as much amazing action as Skull Kickers can provide, it still pales in comparison to the thrilling stories of Ronnie the fat small miserable depressing weeb of a man-child. . . I feel like I need to explain some things here.

Whomp! Follows the over-the-top depressing antics of the main character, Ronnie, who constantly battles with his inability to pretty much do anything right.  He is the picture perfect example of what your parents warn you that you’ll become if you read too many comic books and eat too much junk food.  Being the absolute worst shape of a human being I’ve ever seen, Ronnie is a fat little mess of a person with some odd addiction to McNuggets and a fear of absolutely everything.  And yet, his life is just fascinating.  The artist somehow manages to make you fall in love with this little fucker as you end up cracking a smile reading about his struggles to deal with hemorrhoids or somehow being abducted by aliens and put up on display as the representation of earthlings.  The humor can be as blunt as possible ripping into the little guy while you just sit there and read on, feeling sorry for him definitely, but always finding whatever crazy antics he gets into chuckle worthy.  The comic gets even better if you can relate to insane amounts of self-depreciating humor.

  1. Ansemretort

Now we’re getting into the heavy hitters here starting off my final few with one of the all-time craziest bunch of panels I have ever read in my entire life.  Ansemretort, if you’ve ever played the kingdom hearts series, is about a Real World-esque t.v. show starring the major cast of Final Fantasy and the Kingdom Hearts games, messing around with the characters in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine.  If you’ve never played these games before you’re totally fine, because each and every moment in this has nothing to do with the originals, barring names and titles of course, and goes off on tangents of pure blissful insanity.  Each character has an emotion or quality to them that is overplayed to the point of terrifying with Axel being a mass-murdering psychopath, Riku a winey emo boy who won’t shut up, and even Larxene who we quickly understand is on the drug known as everything.  Within a first couple pages one of the characters has his arm ripped off and stays that way throughout the whole story; as we read on Axel attains reverse Nirvana by killing so many people that he ascends to a level of godhood; and on numerous occasions we see two of the main characters fusing together to form the giant disembodied head of Andrew Jackson.  I couldn’t make this up if I tried.  I’m actually sad to know that I couldn’t come up with stuff as maddening as this.  Regardless of whether you can understand what’s going on at all, each strip is as funny as the next with constant insanity and crazy but somehow clever ideas bursting through.  I would recommend this to anyone with a good sense of humor as it will keep you laughing for a long long time.

  1. Beeserker

Beeserker, much like Ansemretort, is an absolute anomaly of a comic series, housing mind-bogglingly insane characters and situations that are so nonsensical you can’t help but laugh.  Each page page takes you through a trip with their many running gags and insanely clever hidden jokes.  There are quite a few programming puns littered about here and there but are still simple enough to be understood by everyone.

The main cast of characters consists of two “science men,” their robot known as the Beeserker which has that title as it is powered by bees (I don’t know either and the less I ask the better I feel) their strange green cat that is oddly important to the story, and their bee-keeping friend who supplies them with all of the necessary bees they need to power their robot.  None of it makes sense, and yet is somehow explained in such a way that you believe it anyway.  The writing is simply amazing, forcing the same jokes to play out over and over again yet in new clever ways that make me laugh every single time.  The jokes can be smart and sophisticated and then completely switch on over to someone getting their arms ripped off in a funny way.  It’s nonsensical but really smart at the same time, with just a touch of a bright and colorful artstyle to bring it all together.  If you ever have time on your hands give this one a read.

  1. Punchlineismachismo

Thank god for The Punchline Is Machismo, because if it weren’t for this comic, I would never be able to see the beautiful aftermath of Kratos from God of War, going on a rampage because he can’t understand bubble tea.  The Punchline Is Machismo takes the brilliant idea of a legion of super badasses and showcases everything that your hyper buff steroid pumping action heroes do off screen.  This comic takes every super powered force you can think of, from comics to movies to video games, and throws them all together in one world where they are forced to adapt to everyday life.  Duke Nukem copes with anxiety, wolverine keeps getting his claws stuck in things, and Ganondorf has had enough of Link coming in to his office and breaking all of his dam pots.

There are a few self-made characters that you learn to love along the way but the real pull in the beginning  comes from seeing all of the crazy references that are being displayed out in the open, and delving further into this world created for your favorite characters watching how they would interact in a modern setting.  Eventually legit plot lines come in but are always lighthearted and told with a smart flare that never shies away from its original purpose and sense of humor.  Characters deliver witty lines about modern problems and aspects of society in ways you can understand at a deeper level of thinking and yet can still laugh because of who’s saying it in the end.  It never delves too deep into stressing the problems when trying to impart some words of wisdom or leave a strong opinion, and always remembers to go back and have a lot of fun, making everything so much more enjoyable, but feeling smarter at the end of the day.

I truly cannot recommend something like this to enough people as it not only makes you laugh every single time but it also shows an incredibly interesting spin on dozens of characters you’ve seen before and fell in love with, as well as the new ones that you will (trust me you will) fall in love with as well.  If you have a good sense of humor you’ll love this.  If you like a bit more philosophical thinking you’ll like this too.  And if you just want to see manly guys doing manly things then please pop on over to The Punchline Is Machismo. I guarantee it will make you laugh.

  1. Paranatural

If you’ve been a friend of mine (in real life yes I have those) for some time now you have probably heard me talking about Paranatural, quoting Paranatural, explaining my undying love for Paranatural, or some unfortunate combination of the three.  For all of you that haven’t, in small, simple terms that I have repeated over and over again; Paranatural is my absolute favorite webcomic and it most definitely will be for a very long time.  I have never read a more amazing comic in my entire life and would not care if I had to pay for it.  Nothing comes close with the amount of content packed into each page of this series, the sheer hilarity of the dialogue and the absolute beauty of the drawings.  Saying the characters are funny is such an understatement as I’ve teared up, doubled over, laughed so hard that it hurts with so many of these godly puns and punchlines. The delivery is exquisite, the wordplay unbelievably clever, and yet it still manages to shove in some of the corniest and most amazing jokes I’ve ever heard.

The story, and oh god yes there is a story, revolves around our main character Max as he moves into a new town to discover absolutely everything about his life will change.  Spirits, ghouls, and ghosts pop up all over suddenly with a rag tag group of his fellow classmates joining him on an adventure to learn more about this incredibly mysterious world of theirs.  Each character is well designed with layers of great development and story telling fueling their actions and getting you more and more invested with each new journey they embark upon.  The setting is phenomenal with absolutely stunning visuals filled to the brim with creative imagery and beautifully drawn creatures.

There are so many levels of reasons as to why I think this comic is absolutely amazing that it would take me forever to even explain it all. I might even make it a stand-alone article by itself ehh *wink wink* *nudge nudge* say no more.  Or not who knows. . .  But looking past that, if you want to read a regular comic, go off and pick up any of the ones I mentioned earlier, I am sure they will entertain you for hours on end and you will never regret it.  But if you want a story, something to get lost in, something to invest yourself towards, pick up Paranatural, I promise it will blow your mind.  Never before have I been so filled with anticipation for a webcomic that updates very frequently. And never have I been so satisfied after reading each one, immersing myself in everything it has to offer.  Just go, stop reading this article that will end in three sentences and read Paranatural.  Of course go and read the other comics too if you have the time, but truly go and enjoy a brilliant piece of work that is only getting better.

If you have any webcomics you’d like to share with me that really brightened up your life, please send me a link or leave a comment with the title because I would love to see what you enjoy so I can quickly hate it and tell you how dumb you are.  But if you don’t want to go through the process of slowly building an intense burning rage over me and what I say then stay tuned next time and hopefully I can put more words in a funny order and make people laugh sort of only a little.

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